Say It Ain’t True

I’ll say it, though. It is true. True that support is given, but sometimes there is an element of “my support is better than your support.”

Should it not be like a puzzle that someone puts together, joining the pieces that pull together a picture of what they need right then?

As they say in 12 step recovery programs, take what you need and leave the rest…

There are kernels of wisdom and truth in most posts that are offering support and caring based on individual experiences.

Why is it necessary to discredit that offering? Personal dislike for the person replying in their best way?

Or does Ego play a huge part in not seeing beyond their own offering?


Wouldn’t it be more mature and more helpful to either keep the ego silent–if such a thing is possible–and just share what has worked for an individual? If advice/sharing is considered dangerous, that’s a different animal. If it’s different in some way, what is the problem in being glad there are diverse and equally important sharings?

Competition over whose advice is more valuable for any reason is sad, foolish, and serves no useful purpose.

Well, perhaps it serves a purpose…stroking your own ego is an enticing action at the expense of others.


Way To Go


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