Random Thoughts From Two Mad Women…Mine And Hers

Grab bits and pieces of peace whenever they arrive, embrace yourself and each other and life, fear not the boogie man when he visits for his stay is short, banish from your heart those who suck you dry, and replenish when you are thirsty in your soul…

we are alike,
look for our commonalities not our differences
welcome diversity of color, gender,
anything that is not the spitting image of yourself
work together, play together, share what you have

Do not be afraid to be you, to reach out, to hold the one who reaches for you
Keep The Door Open,
the door we sometimes close in despair
Scar tissue around your heart doubles the tenderness found there, also

Know that you are in the right place at the right time for the right reasons that may never be revealed to you.

Recharge what needs energized, frequently it’s our spirits. our hearts. our desires.
All rolled into one.
We either want it or we don’t want it. There is no middle ground unless we make one if the seduction of limbo wins..
Shaking off the boogers of guilt and shame isn’t a challenge, it’s a frigging race to see if we dissolve them first or they dissolve us…

We are loved whether we want to be or not–others see us in a much different light.
Make peace with the reflection in the mirror…

Speak to me of your solitary times
What fills those moments?
Do you sing of your beauty with abandonment?
Or whisper only lest you seem too proud?
Do we whisper of our despair when once more we stumble
…from grace and from glory?
We are kinder to others than to ourselves
Are we the inheritors of bashing ourselves?
From childhood we ease into possessing talents unknown
Sometimes by surprise, others by necessity
Speak to me of your learning them
…speak softly of the fears and of the sorrow
Filling the heart with weariness, too tired to go on.

Shout to me of your beauty
It is there you know
Be not bashful
Your gifts are great and you must honor them
Feigned Ignorance is not becoming a spirit of humility,
nay it shows only esteem gone astray
Find it, you find life
Woven strands of guilt snap off the soul
Freedom to embrace who you are

Do you know love?
Love for yourself
Unconditional it must be
Forgiving yourself for wandering off your path
Perhaps it is time to remember
We stretch so we learn
No stretch=stagnation=living death

Wake up and walk your solitary path,
greet those on the parallel of your own
Bind and band together
Each walker important
Individually and member of the traveling troupe

Solitude and Solidarity

Courage is the power to let go of the familiar…

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